Vintage Reflections ~ In Sunlight & Shadows

For those of us who love the intrigue and beauty of vintage fashion, it often extends beyond the way we dress to the way we decorate our homes. The linens, lace, artwork, and furniture are part of the quintessential blend of vintage expression and reflection. The use of textiles with the varied patterns, stained glass to catch the changing light, hand made Persian carpets, and fine hand-painted Asian porcelain are among my favourite things for home decor. Whatever attracts us to a bygone era, whether it is a form of escapism, or the realization that some things, especially things that are created as a labor of love – are worth our appreciation and care.

Creative efforts generally produce positive values. Every creative endeavour that has lasting value requires intensive effort. For some, it is an immeasurable effort that may never bring recognition to the individual in his or her lifetime. But, as we all know – creative effort and energy, freely shared, as a labor of love – provides returns that are rich in intrinsic enjoyment and fulfilment. Once an idea is captured and turned into something tangible – it takes on a life of its’ own, often outliving the person who created it.

The best summary of creative effort that I read many years ago, simply stated that “creativity is judged by the number of people who are moved by it.” It brings joy to the individual and has the potential to make a lasting impression. Of all the things I have collected and studied closely, marvelling at the time and attention to detail that went into creating it, I feel gratitude toward whoever made it. It makes me think of the philosophical aspects of materialism and how it paradoxically (in my mind) contrasts and competes with idealism. Because essentially, without idealism  – nothing matters.

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Vintage Reflections In Sunlight & Shadows


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