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The Quiet West vintage collection represents a long-term private collection. Along with the Inside Passage Legendary Map, poetry, and photography – it is a medley of sorts. Ideas around wellness and intellectualizing fashion are integrated into the blog. The collection contains notable and obscure mid-century designers, as well as descriptions and samples of far-out textiles from faraway lands. Overall it is aimed at romancing the history of the west coast.

The collection contains authentic vintage pieces from the turn of the century to the eighties and beyond. Most of the items were gathered from the west coast of Canada – Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii. It is a collection reflecting the post-war migration, cultural diversity, and widespread travel to Canada’s beautiful west coast.

In recent years carefully selected contemporary luxury designer pieces have been added to the collection. This offers a wider range of choices for the creative fashionistas. Most of the clothing and accessory items within this collection were made in Italy, France and Canada. A smaller percentage were made in the USA, Germany, Japan and the UK.

Whether you are an individualist looking for something unique that boasts both quality and design –  or a wanderer with a bohemian flair – we trust you will enjoy your shopping experience!

Inside Passage Legendary Map By Quiet West Publishing

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to Integrity & Authenticity

In Appreciation of Fashion History & Art

With a concentration of poetry

And the descriptives of prose –

We can dip into history,

Pick up some threads –

And depict the material landscape…

Of both the glamorous & the dispossessed.

Valerie Hayes


International Who’s Who Of Entrepreneurs

Provincepicture copy

Photo Credit Les Bazzo – Province Newspaper Feature Article June, 1992