Thinking Crooked ~ What Is A Conspiracy Theorist Anyway?

Since human beings have been prone to cooking up deceptive deals since the beginning of time – what then, is a conspiracy theorist? The term seems to revolve around enmity and paranoia, but at the same time, wouldn’t it be naive and stupid to believe there are no conspiracies at all? Probably the root of most conspiracies is greed and profit motive, with a disregard for truth, to the detriment of individuals, families, communities, and the environment.

One common conspiracy theory revolves around vaccines. On one extreme, there are people who believe all vaccines are harmful, and therefore they refuse all vaccines. On the other hand, we have gone from four vaccines at birth to more than a dozen, in just a few decades. Since vaccines (and all drugs) carry some risks, it makes sense to weigh out and reduce the risks.

If a baby is pre-term or sick, it makes sense to delay or spread the vaccines out over a longer period of time. It also seems prudent to have concerns about mercury and other adjuncts contained in vaccines. One of the best immune boosters for newborns is colostrum and breast milk. Although I think some of the newer vaccines might be questionable, it is probably not a good idea to reject all vaccines.

The one world order is another popular conspiracy theory, which seemed quite plausible to me for a period of time – but I now believe it is bogus fear mongering. The chances of a group of leaders becoming unified enough to take over the world is pretty far-fetched. Nations will always have conflicts, wars, and religious and cultural differences. What are the chances those differences would be reconciled enough to create a one world government?

The 911 terrorist attacks in New York sparked more questions than answers. However, terrorist attacks happen all over the world. Regardless of who initiated the terrorist attack – it is still a terrorist attack. Certain countries are targeted more frequently than others, but there is no doubt that such attacks are based on the conspiracies of certain deranged individuals working together. Five minutes of listening to Alex Jones, and we need to be deprogrammed.

Do I believe in a unified conspiracy theory? Not at all. Mostly because it is next to impossible to get people unified on any topic, let alone things that are next to impossible to prove. But as far as conspiracies in general – we are a society prone to deception. What is conspiracy, but an inclination for some people to create plots to deceive others?

Conspiracies are sort of like weeds in the garden. Truth and goodness will not be choked out by an overgrowth of deception in any realm. In the meantime, wisdom dictates that we don’t foolishly allow ourselves to be deceived. Discernment is valuable. Blind trust is not. Those who refuse to be duped are not conspiracy theorists. Sometimes our definitions become a little skewed and all encompassing, when we are simply navigating our own best interests in a complex world.

In the end, I think we will all be surprised at the amount of deception in this world. In all likelihood, the greatest deception and conspiracies will be in areas we did not see or even contemplate. Such is the nature of deception!

Valerie Hayes

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