The Variety Of Vintage Necklace Clasps ~ Ideal For Short Hair & Updos

Similar to the extra little details that make luxury scarves stand out – beautifully crafted vintage costume jewellery will have interesting, decorative and secure clasps. In some cases the clasp is the most decorative part of the necklace. Often there is a brass hook with an extra trailing of beads or gemstones dangling from the clasp. In the case of multi-strand necklaces – there will be a decorative metal clasp, with the strands attached in rows on each side.

The hook clasps are the most common. I have seen a cylindrical bar clasp on a few bracelets, but the one shown in this post, is the only necklace I have come across that has one. It is a mix of crystal and chalcedony. The following are some examples of vintage necklace clasps on some costume – and some sterling silver necklaces. The first example is a classic vintage Oscar de la Renta very realistic string of pearls with a purple art deco clasp. A good tip to pass on for collectors and vintage enthusiasts – is to check the clasps on a rack of necklaces as a shortcut to finding the authentic vintage ones.

Oscar de La Renta Faux Pearl Necklace With Art Deco Purple & Clear Glass Clasp

Martha Sturdy Clunky 1980’s Necklace With Large Hook Clasp & Signature

Sterling Silver Square Clasp On A Wood & Amber Three Strand Necklace

Mini Glass Bead Covered Clasp On A Torsade Necklace

1950’s Faceted Crystal Three Strand Necklace

Vendome Faceted Crystal Aurora Borealis 1950’s Three Strand Necklace With Fancy Clasp

1950’s Four Strand Necklace With Flowers As Joiners

Chalcedony Powder Blue Necklace With A Unique Sterling Silver Double Hook Snake Clasp

Antique Rock Crystal Necklace Made in Spain

Multi Gemstone Vintage Necklace With A Bar Clasp

Japanese Blown Glass Necklace With Round Beaded Clasp 1950s

Panetta Vintage Necklace With Safety Chain On Clasp


Valerie Hayes

Quiet West Vintage represents a private vintage and designer collection that has been gathered and stored over a thirty-five year period. I now look forward to sharing this collection and promoting the "Other Look" - a totally individualistic approach to style.