Objet D’Art Stone Carvings ~ With Colour & Intrigue Between Artisan & Stone

After looking at so many different coloured gemstones – these larger art objects are a rocky delight. Two of the images posted are similar size camels – one in a dark green stone and the other pure white.

I find the Asian soapstone carving with the chickens and peonies to be the most delightful of all. Carved stone sculptures take on aspects of both the artisan and the stone. When really well done – they are quite fascinating. From collecting stones and agates on the beach – to examining these larger objets d’art made out of stone, it gets easier to understand what makes people become rock hounds. Carving stone must take more patience than your average hobby!

Mottled Dark Green Stone Carved Camel. Size 7″ Long x 5″ High.

White Stone Camel With Visible Banding. Size 7″ Long X 5″ High

Asian Soapstone Carving Of Chickens & Peonies. Size 5 1/2″ Wide x 8 1/2″ High.

Stoned Looking Stone. Size 5 1/2″ Wide x 5 1/2″ High

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Valerie Hayes

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