Some Idiosyncratic Pendant Necklaces You Will Not Find At The Mall

Openwork Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace With A Blue Bottle Of Smelling Salts Inside

Never Leave Home Without It!

Erica Weiner Miniature Harmonica Necklace

Wood & Brass Monocular Spyglass Necklace

Pendant With A Fairy, Glass Tube & Movable Pixie Dust – A Last Resort!

Don’t Get Mugged For A Molar!

Stones Eggs In A Wire Sculpted Bird’s Nest

This One Must have Been Tricky To Make!


Valerie Hayes

Quiet West Vintage represents a private vintage and designer collection that has been gathered and stored over a thirty-five year period. I now look forward to sharing this collection and promoting the “Other Look” – a totally individualistic approach to style.